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Fortis Consulting Group’s work has helped numerous individuals through a percentage of the hardest times in their lives. The group of Fortis comprises of lawyers, advisors and a little regulatory staff. In light of the minding mentalities of the group we have possessed the capacity to help other people with lawyer referrals, prosecution financing and key arranging and in addition other money related administrations.

All through my profession I have kept on contributing and raise capital for others and their speculation purposes. It is by all accounts a characteristic course for me. I am great at what I do it and appreciate the “ride” that has driven me down numerous streets and into a few nations. They have been energizing and remunerating, similarly as raising cash goes be that as it may, likewise in some cases dangerous. I have overcome huge snags and have turned out the other side with a learning that the vast majority just read about in books. Experiencing that has brought about an organization that can help other people, Fortis Consulting Group.

I have taken an interest in many effective land and venture exchanges that have helped individuals everywhere throughout the world. Yet, I have had numerous that have baffled me. Through it all I have seen a need in the business for somebody to help those that are battling with how to contribute, what to put resources into, how to deal with their benefits, what to do when they are included in case with next to zero stores to seek after their case, how to re-change their home, deed-in-lieu, unique workouts and different choices that I have needed to utilize or found out about amid my profession.

I have realized this information by effectively contributing as well as being a piece of some expansive claims and learning through it all that the “little fellow” can win. Be that as it may, it has not been simple. Which is the reason I need to impart this data to others. So they won’t need to experience what I have.

Having moved to Myrtle Beach in 2004 I hopped directly into the land business sector realizing that I had the ability to make a more than agreeable wage. I got to be included in numerous exercises and discovered a congregation family at Beach Church. I very quickly give my life to Christ and was purified through water by Greg Anderson and Charlie McBride. I rapidly turned into an effective real estate broker along the Grand Strand turning into a top delivering operators in under two years posting and offering as well as in contributing. I turned out to be exceptionally effective in a brief while for somebody scarcely out of secondary school.

In 2007 I was drawn nearer about taking part in an exchange in Europe. The thought energized me so I concurred. Little did I understand the lawful direction that I enlisted would get eager and dodge my contribution. I had been made to trust the exchange went south. In 2008 I figured out that was not precisely the situation, yet trusted I had still missed a chance of an existence time. In 2009 I discovered myself making a trip to Israel to attempt to restore the exchange. In the meantime I learned I would be a father and was amped up for my unborn girl. Later we discovered that she had an uncommon hereditary issue and would not survive. On August 7, 2009 Sophie Grace Lemons was conceived and passed on. Being a recuperating alcoholic, this practically pushed me over the edge.

Thoughout this procedure God utilized a few men of confidence to priest to me and adoration me genuinely. Therefore something rose up in me and I got to be resolved not to succumb or clasp any more. I found through Christ that I was superior to my circumstances. That I needn’t bother with the support of individuals to have quality and worth. What’s more, that I don’t need to be all things to all individuals. I never would have possessed the capacity to discover solace and peace through this had it not been for Christ working through Godly men, for example, Tommy Britian, Charlie Floyd, Charlie McBride and Pastor Ken Timmerman. Their affection and kinship is something I will love and pine for whatever length of time that I live. I am everlastingly appreciative for their patient fellowship and cherishing insight. They served to lead me to Christ in a manner that I had not comprehended some time recently. I know I’m not great. I’m not so much attempting to be. Due to their insight and patient direction I have possessed the capacity to surrender to God the things I couldn’t control and appeal to God for decided tolerance for everything else in my life.

This whole process has been amazingly agonizing for me yet I have come to esteem the encounters. They have improved me an individual; more tolerant, less judgmental, additionally sympathetic. As a result of where I have been a major part of my life and the lessons I have learned along the way, I realize that nothing is too hard for me. I have likewise found that I have an one of a kind capacity to help other people that are experiencing comparable intense times. At Fortis I am ready to help other people use choices that the normal property proprietor or financial specialist may not be mindful of. I additionally urge others to face out of line treatment by enthusiastic lawyers and not be tormented by the procedure. I am there to help them through the procedure if necessary. Rather than pushing my way to the top to work with a percentage of the wealthiest individuals on the planet I am glad to have the capacity to work with the “little gentleman”. Gentlemen like me, just better.

In 2011 I had the delight of going with a wonderful woman on a mission trek to Europe and the Middle East for 3 weeks. My excellent Grandmother permitted me to fly out with her to places we both adoration. Experiencing Turkey, Greece and Israel with her has been one of the highlights of my life and I will love that time with her eternity. I additionally keep on staying included in Christ United Methodist Church and I have an in number love for First United Methodist Church. Without their bolster and affection and additionally the Godly guides I now have, I wouldn’t be the place I am presently. God has given me new vitality and another reason; to help individuals with an eager exertion for their own life restoration. All things considered, it is the slightest I can accomplish for all He has accomplished for me.

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