Scott Lemons of Myrtle Beach


Scott Lemons is a Myrtle Beach success story.  He was adopted at a young age and grew up in Waynesboro, Virginia. His parents were educators and Lemons quickly learned the value of a dollar. He became interested in real estate when he saw how successful his father’s investments were.  Over time he began investing his own money and quickly learned that he had a knack for the business.

Scott Lemons moved to Myrtle Beach and quickly found a family in the congregation at Beach Church. In less than two years he became a top-selling realtor in the Grand Strand Area, and became very successful for someone who was just barely out of high school.

After many years in the real estate business, Lemons has participated in hundreds of successful real estate and investment transactions that have helped people all over the world.  It was through these ventures that Lemons began seeing the world different. He feels strongly that he should be helping people with investing in their lives. He says, “I have seen a need in the market for someone to help those that are struggling with how to invest, what to invest in, how to manage their assets, what to do when they are involved in litigation with little or no funds to pursue their case, how to re-modify their home, deed-in-lieu, special workouts and other options that I have had to use or learned about during my career.”

It because of this passion he began working with Fortis Consulting Group. Lemons states, “I have overcome tremendous obstacles and have come out the other side with a knowledge that most people only read about in books. Going through that has resulted in a company that can help others, Fortis Consulting Group.” Fortis Consulting Groupconsists of attorneys, counselors and administrative staff working together to help people who need money because they have been injured in automobile accidents, complex commercial litigation and many cases through someone else’s negligence or need to hire an attorney.  Scott Lemons believes the little guy can win, because it wasn’t so long ago that he was the little guy.

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